Wonderful Relaxation Asian Massage In Vacaville, CA

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Full Body Massage With Shower Service

It is said that individuals in various culture has practiced the full body massage treatment in various occasions. The references told that individuals in China, India, Japan, Arabic, Egypt and Greece have known full body rub treatment along back. A full body massage treatment session extends from 50 minutes to an hour. The lighting of back rub room is typically dark and it helps to make a feeling of unwinding before the session even starts. You will feel extremely great during the shower treatment. This treatment can reduce chronic pain of injuries, improve postures, relieve stress, tension headaches and migraine pain. It also increases blood and lymph circulation, reduce nerve pain syndrome.

Amazing Relaxation Oil Body Massage

For centuries, people have been using an oil relaxing massage to help relieve themselves of stress and sore muscles. In fact, it is one of the oldest Asian massages. This massage involves rubbing the muscles, tendons, skin and ligaments with oil. Besides other treatments, the oil relaxing massage is one of our most popular offerings. Its benefits extend beyond physical changes. A good massage is also known to provide psychological relief. It is known to reduce stress, anxiety, and even depression. Several research studies have found that an oil relaxing massage promotes better sleep and improves concentration. It provides relief from pain, muscle stiffness, and improves blood circulation.

Chinese Tuina Massage In Vacaville, CA

In a regular Chinese Tuina session, the customer, wearing free attire and no shoes, lies on a massage table. Our licensed massage therapist looks at the particular issues of the customer and starts to apply different massage techniques. The real focal point is upon the particular pain points, pressure points, vitality meridians, and muscles and joints. The measure of weight used in a Tui Na bodywork session might be light to profound depending upon what our specialist is working away at. The client feel relaxed and energized by the treatment and relying upon the particular issue of the customer, they may need to return for weekly or monthly treatments.
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Shiatsu Body Massage

The Shiatsu massage originated in Japan and has been very popular since the 1970s. It is also popularly called finger pressure massage because the term Shiatsu translates to finger pressure in Japanese. The technique involves applying pressure with the thumbs, elbows, hands, and/or feet on the pressure points of the body. The Shiatsu massage is one of the best forms of Asian massage and is perfect for people looking to restore depleted energy levels within the body. It improves circulation and promotes healing from common injuries and sprains. Besides the Asian massage, this is one of our most popular massage categories. Millions of Americans across the world are known to be fans of the Shiatsu massage therapy. It is also known to reduce blood pressure and heart rate.

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Shower Facility For A Refreshing Experience

Enjoy our wet shower treatment by adjusting the pressure and temperature of the nozzle heads. The amazing feeling of the waterfalls will leave your skin feeling glowing and look younger. This method can soothe your nerves and fight off fatigue and enhance lymph drainage. On the whole it gives a healthy glow, feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

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